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Film to Digital Video Transfe

8mm & 16mm film to Digital Video

Film, Slide, Photo and Video Transfer Services

We use Tele-Cine transfer projectors that are specifically designed to transfer film to video. This is a direct system; the picture does not get projected 'on the wall' or into a 'magic box'. This professional method eliminates the following problems associated with film transfers:

  • The flickering or pulsating in the brightness of the movie image.
  • The hot spot lighting that appears in the center of  the movie image.
  • The uneven framing around the edges of the movie image.
  • The fuzziness caused by ground glass or mirrors  in the light path.

Every frame of your film is watched by a trained technician to make sure the brightness, focus and framing are accurate. The technician will adjust as needed.

Blank, under-exposed or over-exposed film will be cut from the video to keep your memories as professional looking as possible. Your film will move seamlessly from one reel to the next without any white or blue leaders being recorded. Your film is returned unharmed.

We can transfer from:

Regular 8 mm
Super 8 (silent or sound)
16mm (silent or sound)

Pricing for the film transfer is easy. All you need to do is add the total footage of film and multiply by the price per foot. Most 8mm film was returned from the developers on a 50 foot reel, usually in a yellow box or on a blue and white reel. These reels are about 3 inches in diameter.

Other size reels are 200, 300 or 400. Most of these reels will have markings on one of the spokes of the reel so you can determine how many feet of film it contains.

NOTE: When transferring to DVD we use a direct to digital process to eliminate artifacts associated with first transferring to VHS. We do not transfer to videotape first. Contact us today to learn more!

*Important Note: Our DVDs will play in about 95% of all set top DVD players. Some of the early DVD players are not compatable with today's DVD-R format but all current or future DVD players should work fine. The DVD should play back on all computers with DVD-ROM Drives.

Music Selection for Transfers:

Our easy listening background music for your silent film can be added at no additional charge. If you would like your own music selection added you may include a single cd or audio cassette with your order. There is an additional $30 to $60 charge per tape hour (1 hour minimum). The music will start at the beginning of the tape or CD and run until the end of the film.

Editing Your Footage at Home:

Would you like to edit your home movies on a home computer after they have been transferred? You can take your DVD and export the .mpg file into your home computer for further editing. Optionally, we can transfer the files (Windows or Mac files) onto a hard drive for further editing. You can provide the hard drive, or we can provide one at market price. There is no additional charge for this service of transferring film directly to a hard drive