Photo & Slides

We now offer three options for preserving slides or photos

Option 1: '.jpg Option' Have your photos/slides scanned as high quality .jpg files. Once they are in .jpg format, you can take them to your favorite photo finisher to have them printed, or you may choose to make your own computer slide show of them. .JPG photos offer the most flexible way of preserving your family history.

Option 2: 'The CD-ROM version' This version gives you both the .jpg version noted above, as well as a high resolution slide show version, which can be played back on your computer screen. Music is added, and each photo dissolves softly into the next photo. Each photo or slide is hand cropped and will show on the screen for about 5 seconds. If you choose this version, you can also order the Option 3 version below for an additional cost.

Option 3: 'The DVD version' This version is identical to the CD version, only it plays in your DVD player. The resolution will not be as high as the CD version you play on your computer, but it offers the convenience of watching your show in your living room on the TV. If you choose this version, you can also order the Option 2 version above for an additional cost.

PHOTOS: Photos should be out of their frames or albums. WE CANNOT TRANSFER COPYRIGHTED PHOTOGRAPHS without a written release from the copyright holder, which can be faxed to us.

SLIDES: should be out of their carousels, rubber banded together in 3” tall piles. Slides should be numbered on the side of the slide that does not have the manufacturer's logo.