Disc Duplication

CD Duplication :- an affordable option for customers looking to make a small run of discs (even as few as one). A recordable disc (CD-R, DVD-R or BD-R) is “burned” with your content directly onto our top-quality blank media. One possible drawback is infrequently reported problems of burned discs being incompatible with older car CD players. For disc quantities of 1-300, we recommend disc duplication.

CD Replication :- includes the creation of a glass master from a client's original master, a nickel stamper created from that glass master, and the injection molding of clear optical-grade polycarbonate substrates (clear discs) from the nickel stamper. The process also involves the metallizing and lacquering of those polycarbonate substrates to produce a perfect copy - an exact replication of your CD or DVD disc. CD replication is quick and cost-effective, especially for larger quantities. For disc quantities over 500, we recommend CD replication

Dvd duplication :- Providing high end printing and top quality discs are the cornerstone of our DVD Duplication offerings. We guarantee that our discs will look great and play every time.

  • For Duplication, we use the best blank discs available on the market.
  • This is our first and best effort to make sure that even if you only need few discs we will provide you with the highest quality available to ensure that your discs play every time and print great.

Blu-ray duplication :- If you are in need of Blu-ray disc services, whether they are burnable blu-ray duplication discs (BD-R), or standard replicated Blu-ray discs (BD) we have a solution for you at Emkay media transfer

Carry us your Blu-ray (BD-R) master and we can duplicate discs for you with top of the line professional grade disc printing and packaging.

Carry us your edited final version of Hi-def video and we can compress it for you and author a BD-R (blu-ray burnable disc) disc.